Gold Coast Fun

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Hubby and I had an awesome weekend on the Gold Coast just gone to celebrate my 29th birthday! We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Bazaar, the restaurant located inside QT Gold Coast, a whole lot of shopping at Harbour Town, Pacific Fair and Brisbane DFO, explored Sea World, ate and drank in true cowboy style at The Outback Spectacular and enjoyed the yummiest dessert ever at Max Brenner. It was a massive weekend of eating too much naughty food and spending way too much money on fun things but it was totally worth it!

Unfortunately, I really experienced how bad my stiffness and joint pain gets when I eat too much sugar and starch! After dinner on the Friday night it was really all downhill from there which drives the point home that I really need to obey doctors orders and cut out those things from my diet… at least until my drugs start working. So, back to reality and the healthy diet today.

Anyway, I really would recommend all the above activities if you ever visiting the Gold Coast. The only thing I probably wouldn’t do again would be the Outback Spectacular, we had a great time but it’s not really the best value for money… my hot tip there is that if you are visiting one of the theme parks, they offer discounted $65 tickets (instead of the $120 full price tickets). We inquired about this deal and was told that these cheaper tickets were ‘restricted viewing’ so we walked away and about 30mins later we got a phone call saying we could have regular unrestricted seating for the same price! Winner! 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot! We also saw an Aussie star couple! Michelle Bridges and Commando happened to be staying in our hotel on the Saturday night. We saw them enter the lift we were coming out of and again at breakfast time on Sunday morning! Michelle looked super buff as always and commando just looked ripped! They were also so nice to the people that came up to them… I was too chicken! ha ha

Have a great week everyone!
Jen xoxo


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