12WBT Finish & Auto-Immune Arthritis

Well, 12WBT wrapped up yesterday and I have really learnt a lot from the experience. I think I have really made a difference to my eating habits and I really enjoyed the exercise on the program. Unfortunately, I really fell off the wagon around about Week 8. My parents were involved in a house fire, thank god they were both ok but unfortunately the house didn’t fair as well against the fire. This has resulted in them living with my hubby and I for the next year or so until they can demolish their old house and build a new one. So, all my nutrition and exercise went out the window as I tried to deal with all these changes.

To make matters worse I started to get an extremely sore back and shoulders around this time as well. After x-rays and blood tests my local GP seems to think I may have Auto-Immune Arthritis. The disease since then has spread and now affects my right foot, right knee, right hand and jaw joints. So, that means I’m walking around in a moon boot, can’t eat anything remotely crunchy or chewy and I’m walking around like a crippled old person because my whole body in general is stiff and sore. I am booked in to see a specialist in May so I really hope they can help me try to deal with these symptoms. This has really affected my exercise… during 12WBT I was doing over an hour of exercise everyday but now I’m doing nothing. It gets really quite depressing at times but with the help of my hubby I’ve managed to push through.

So anyway, I’m sorry for the depressing post… I just thought I should catch up and fill in what I have missed on the blog. If anyone has any suggestions on dealing with my symptoms I would absolutely love to hear them! Have an awesome week everyone!