12WBT: Week 4

Enjoying my Herbal Tea
Enjoying my Herbal Tea with my floating ducky tea infuser!

Hello, hello!

Wow, how time flies! Week 4 of 12WBT is already upon us! And I think I’m going ok so far. I think I’ve only missed 1 workout and been pretty good with my food. (I’m still craving sweet foods after dinner though… I think it is ingrained in my DNA! ha ha) My loss for Week 3 was a little less than I would’ve liked but I did have a major red flag weekend so any loss at all is awesome I reckon!

Weigh in day for Week 4 is tomorrow (Wednesday) and I’m a little excited as I do feel smaller than I was. I just hope the number on the scales reflects how I am feeling! 🙂 We also have to redo our fitness test and take all our measurements. Wish me luck!

12WBT Chilli Beef

My 12WBT Chilli Beef – Nachos minus the naughty bits!

Last night’s dinner was pretty yum… it was called Chilli Beef but it was more like nachos without the chips, cheese, sour cream or guacamole! However, hubby did make his into nachos… I was only little jealous… ok, a lot jealous! ha ha I definitely recommend this one to any 12WBTer’s out there. I’ve vowed to have it as my treat meal on the weekend with a few nacho additions. 🙂

Exercise wise I’ve been going ok. I’ve been following either the workout videos or the workout plan. The super Saturday sessions are absolutely killing me but I get the best sense of accomplishment when I’ve finished them! And I get to reward myself with a yummy breakfast afterwards as well! 🙂 Saturday just gone I had Banana French Toast… did I mention I love this diet!? ha ha

Anyway, I’m off to finish my herbal tea!
Jen xoxo