Review: Gelicious Gel Nails & Little Prince George

I love doing my nails (and hardly ever have time) but always get super disappointed when I smudge or chip the polish like 5 minutes after I’ve just done them.

Enter… Gelicious Gelicious Gel Nail Colour

Gelicious is an Australian company who make a gel based nail polish system. They claim gel is healthier for your nails than regular polish and the best feature, the polish stays on for up to 2 weeks at a time! Hooray! So, my lovely mum bought me a travel lamp and 2 colours for my birthday in 2012… I tried it and I just couldn’t for the life of me get the polish to apply evenly. They would cure and be all blotchy and weird! 😦 So, the kit sat in my bathroom drawer for a good 6 months before I tried it again. This time with a different colour and hoorah…. it worked perfectly and I have been obsessed ever since! The colour applied evenly and it stayed put for a good week and a half.

Little Prince George Nail Colour

My try applying Little Prince George

Since then I have tried about 8 different colours from the Gelicious shop and they are a little hit and miss (this may be my dodgy application skills but the fact some polishes work well and others don’t sort of rings alarm bells for me). I have just put on one of my new colours – Little Prince George and this is how it came out… not the most even application but it looks ok from far away which is the main thing I suppose.

As I redo my nails every couple of weeks I will post photos of the new colour so you can see how it turned out for me. I have found that the example images of the colors on the Gelicious store seem a little off but that is just me personally.

I have contacted Gelicious about my nail colour issues and they were absolutely lovely about it. They replaced the offending colours but unfortunately it didn’t make much difference to the application. As I mentioned… it may be just me and/or my nails (extra oil or something).

Happy nail colouring!

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