Review: Sexy Sadie Body Scrub by Glamourflage

Sexy Sadie Body Scrub

Glamourflage Sexy Sadie Body Scrub

Alrighty, time to kick off the beauty reviews with this absolutely divine body scrub. I was originally introduced to this body scrub after receiving a sample of it in a monthly subscription beauty box called Bellabox. I loved it so much I bought the large 250mL size!

It’s called Sexy Sadie Body Scrub and it is made by a company called Glamourflage. I had never seen this product before receiving it in my Bellabox but was immediately interested by the fun packaging! As a curvy girl myself, I identify with other curvy girls and the pinup culture in general (even if I’m not confident enough to actually practice it) so I absolutely loved the vintage style of the bottle and Glamourflage’s branding overall.

Now, to the actual product. WOW, does it smell absolutely awesome or what!? With a mixture of walnut, coconut and aloe it smells just like a tropical island… perfect to transport you to a secluded paradise every time you use it! It is I think, hands down the yummiest smelling product I have come across… ever! The sandy texture of the scrub helps to slew all that extra dead skin away and transport your skin to perfectly buffed and polished perfection.

I use this product every time I go for a wax or right before every other shave. I find it also helps to allow my shaver to cut the hairs a bit shorter than normal resulting in longer time between shaves. (The less shaving required the better, right?!)

So far, this is the only product I’ve tried from Glamourflage but just looking at their website I want EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT! ha ha I definitely recommend the Sexy Sadie Body Scrub if you want smooth, sexy, polished skin from top to toe. Meanwhile, I’ll be saving my pocket money to buy another Glamourflage product ASAP! 😉

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