Red Flag Weekend – Argh!

Maybe I should set this as my iphone lockscreen image for the weekend!?

Hi all,

I’m a little sad today as I won’t be able to follow my prescribed 12WBT meal & exercise plan this weekend. 😦 One of my hubby’s good friends is getting married in Sydney so we have to fly down there and stay with his parents for 2 nights/3 days. Can you say MAJOR RED FLAG weekend! I’m sort of upset about this as I’ve been going so well so far with the exercise and eating. I am yet to miss a workout and have been making excellent food choices for the last 2 weeks.

The sad thing is that I know temptation is my major weakness. If I see someone else eating it, I want it… or if I’m not in total control of my food I will make bad choices (eating out at restaurants etc). I just really wanted to stay away from these situations especially in the first two weeks of 12WBT when I know I’ll be at my weakest. But, I’m going to try and keep positive and utilize the park down the road from the in-laws place to do my Friday and Super Saturday sessions. I even signed up for a free 3 day pass at a gym nearby but unfortunately they are yet to send it through and I leave early tomorrow morning. 😦

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and smash your super Saturday sessions!

Be good!

Jen xoxo