So, I’ve got Spondyloarthritis…

Hi all,

I visited Coast Joint Care¬†about a week ago in Maroochy Waters on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and he has diagnosed me with Spondyloarthritis. This condition is classified as arthritis that affects the spine but in reality affect joints throughout the body. I’m feeling a little more positive since I now know what is going on with my body but I am still frustrated that I can’t exercise and have trouble even enjoying the weekends with my husband because of the fatigue that comes along with the disease. YAY for afternoon naps though! ūüėČ

I have been put on 2 drugs, Celebrex, a strong anti-inflammatory and Sulfasalazine which was described by my specialist as an aspirin¬†that doesn’t thin the blood and an anti-biotic that doesn’t kill bacteria! Essentially this drug does nothing but for reasons that the medical community can’t figure out, this drug apparently works on arthritis. I have been told that this drug should take between 6-12 weeks to start working, I’ve just finished week 1 so I’m still yet to see any improvement.

If anyone is interested, at present I have a number of aliments… this includes a constant sore back, which varies between upper back, middle of the back and neck, a swollen and very sore right foot, intermittent joint pain in my right knee and ankle and a constant stiff and sore jaw joint/muscles. This last one is especially annoying as I am extremely limited in what I can eat – at present I’m only eating porridge for breakfast, soups for lunch and softer dinner foods like mince and boiled sausages in onion gravy with steamed veges (to make them soft). I really could deal with all the other pain other than the jaw and swollen foot but hopefully these new drugs will kick in and start to make a difference soon.

ImageOn a lighter note, I am off to the Gold Coast this weekend with hubby. It’s a belated birthday present to me, I plan on some major retail therapy¬†and hopefully spending a day at Sea World if my fatigue doesn’t take over first! We are staying at a hotel called QT… it is our favourite place to stay on the Gold Coast and has an awesome restaurant called Bazaar. I am really looking forward to it.

Anyway, I hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

Jen xoxo