My 12WBT Journey – Preseason Task – Excuses!


So, this is the other reason I started this blog. I’m completing the February 2014 round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.  I’m super excited but a little nervous at the same time as it’s my first time completing a round of 12WBT. I’ve heard of so many awesome transformations and can’t wait to try my hardest to be one of those transformations in 3 months time!

I haven’t had much luck in the past with diets and exercise. I’ve tried Celebrity Slim (fantastic – lost 8kg – but put it all on again), a prewedding diet that made me very sick, protein shakes, starving myself, lemon detox diet (fainted on that one)… I can’t even remember the others, they all sort of just meld into one major struggle with my weight!

Now, I’m not obese but I do have a few kilos to lose. I’m not even sure how many as I’m too scared to weigh myself – this is ultimately going to change before the start of 12WBT… I’m just working myself up to it and getting my head in the game first!

So here I am, and one of the pre-season tasks is to outline excuses you use to get out of eating healthy or exercising. I am really the queen of excuses but here goes…

Internal Excuses Solutions
I’m too tired A workout will make me feel better & more energised
I’m too busy You can always find 1 hour out of 24 to exercise each day
It’s too hard Remember to try your hardest and I don’t need to overdo it all the time
I’m not seeing results on the scale so what’s the point? Keep working hard – the scale might be recording all that awesome new muscle your creating from working out
External Excuses Within My Control Solutions
It’s too hot Who cares, you’re going to get hot and sweaty anyway
It’s too cold Not for long, you’ll be hot and sweaty in no time
It’s raining So what?! Do a workout inside today!
I don’t want to get out of bed… it’s comfy! Your rest day is Sunday, if you skip today you won’t get to sleep in then!
I deserve to sit on the couch & relax, I’ve had a hard day at work Do your workout first, sitting on the couch won’t make you look hot in skinny jeans or a nice dress & hubby will get angry for spending $200 for nothing
External Excuses Outside My Control Solutions
Can’t eat prescribed meal plan/exercise due to special event (wedding) Try to avoid unhealthy foods and eat the healthiest portion of the meal (veges & protein) – find time to exercise!
Going to mum and dad’s/friends place for dinner Tell them the special diet I’m on and/or take my own meal
How can that skinny chick eat ‘insert bad food here’ and still be skinny – life is so unfair – commence eating chocolate She’s a bitch and my family genes are drunk and should go home (screwed) but don’t worry I am being healthier than her and my body will eventually thank you
I’m sick so I can’t be bothered eating healthy/exercising Eating extra healthy when I’m sick will help get me better quicker – also try to exercise but listen to my body and don’t go as hard as normal

Oh, did I mention I have the worst genes ever! I take one bite of cake and the whole slice heads to my bum or thighs! Thanks mum and dad… really appreciate it! I feel so sorry for my future daughters… I hope they get dad’s genes!

Anyway, let me know your excuses and your combat strategy in overcoming them! I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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